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Monday, July 09, 2007

Thai Message

"Thailand is famous for *ALL* types of activties"

"Yeah, especially the beaches"

"I mean, you can see people doing it right on roads, in front of everybody!"

"Hmm, so what's your problem with it?"

"Not me, but we had some seven, eight year old kids with us!"

"So, what is the problem if those seven or eight year old kids see two people doing it?"

"You do it, I don't have any problem but not on the roads. Rooms were invented for a purpose"

"Yeah the purpose being to protect one from the rain and the wind and the sun. Really, why is everybody so scared of the damned thing? The way I see it, its a most natural activity."

"A natural activity best done out of sight"

"But why? Thats the whole deal. Why do we rush to censor anything sexually *explicit* but are not quite so proactive about violence. It is put beautifully on the cover of Lolita."


"It says: there is something seriously wrong with a moral code where depiction of sex is evil and depiction of murder is par for the course"


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